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  Plus lucis, engineering, consulting, research, d.o.o.

Teslova ulica 30 pika 1000 Ljubljana pika Slovenia
Business Registration No.: 6076866 pika VAT ID: SI11829885
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Plus lucis team

Uroš Zupančič
CEO and development engineering area manager

Uroš is an electrical engineer, currently finishing the studies of entrepreneurship. He has over ten years of experience with:

+386 51 319 274

Teja Tamše
CEO and business consulting area manager

Teja has a BSc degree in economics – banking and finance. She has over ten years of experience with financial analysis and projections, business planning, organization of business processes and business intelligence (IT). Since 2006 she specializes in consultancy for grant financing and administrative-financial management of R&D and investment projects.

+386 41 720 495

Tanja Tamše
Internationalization consultant

Tanja has a BSc degree in sinology (Chinese language and culture) and political sciences. She has nine years of experience with management of international business operations, from market research and organization of participation on foreign fairs, to opening companies abroad, human resources management, consultancy with product localization, etc. She worked in China for seven years and in SE Africa since last year. Among other foreign languages she speaks Mandarin Chinese and Swahili.

We cooperate regularly with partner organizations and various experts in technical and business areas.

Špela Bašar
Legal affairs consultant

Špela holds a BSc degree in laws. She has six years of experience in the field of enforcement law and liquidation procedures of companies. Her work has been focused on consulting the various participants and the preparation of applications related to these procedures. Currently she is mainly dedicated to legal consulting on a broad spectrum of economic, labor, civil and social security law, preparation of contracts and remedies against decisions of state bodies, and also participates in advising for grant financing. She obtained a mediator license in 2010.

+386 41 260 502